A Pioneer Louisiana man, Bobby Tyson, 30, drove a 2017 Ford F250 into the lake from one of the grass jetties at Lakepoint State Park on Wednesday, June 17.

The incident occurred around 2 p.m.; first responders arrived on the scene a few minutes later to find that Tyson had extricated himself from the truck unharmed, even managing to rescue several fishing poles and a bag of items from the truck before it sank.

At the scene, Tyson could not tell officers if anyone else was in the vehicle when he drove it into the water. Reasons for his actions were not given as he was taken into custody by Eufaula Police Officers and charged with public intoxication after he attempted to get back into the lake.

The Houston County Dive team was called in to locate the vehicle and help in the retrieval of the truck from the bottom of the channel that leads to the main boat landing at Lakepoint. After several attempts to keep a tow line on the truck, local towing service, Tri-state Collision’s large wrecker managed to drag the flooded vehicle back onto dry land, giving police officers and fire department personnel a chance to inspect the vehicle for any passengers that might have been inside when it sank in to the depths of the lake.

After their inspection, officials ruled that the driver was the only person that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

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