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See many pictures of the tornado's damage in the Weekend issue of the Eufaula Tribune.

Nancy and Jack Ross had a barbecue grill picked up and taken out of sight at their Pebble Beach Drive residence. They could see its propane tank some 100 or so yards away. They had a dining room chair imbedded into a door inside the house. They had a dog thrown out into the yard. And Nancy said she last saw the family cat getting sucked out of the house, never to be seen again.

That’s just one story from one of the estimated 18 homes that were damaged sometime about 11:34 a.m. Tuesday when a tornado rocked the Country Club of Alabama on the south end of Eufaula.

Eufaula Mayor Jack Tibbs said there was only one reported minor injury where a man had suffered a cut on his forehead. There were other areas east of CCA that also suffered damage..

Nancy Ross said after she had called one dog back into the house, they found the other underneath a couch, apparently still seeking shelter. Unfortunately, the cat wasn’t there.

Suzanne Fleming was inside of her home about two houses away from the tornado’s path, which hit homes on Baltusrol Avenue before ripping through Pebble Beach Drive.

“I was in my garage and it was making an awful noise, but I just thought it was the garage door with the wind hitting it,” said Suzanne Fleming. “Then, I looked outside and saw our deck swaying. I went into a rampage of prayer, calling on the name of the Lord.”

Fleming’s house was spared.

Most homes that were damaged had furniture and other valuables damaged inside with the steady rain. One man, whose home was missing a large portion of its roof, said everything inside of his home was “busted up.”

Cathy and Bill Tucker had about half of their Pebble Beach Drive home destroyed.

“We heard the alarm go off on the phone, but things escalated so rapidly,” Cathy Tucker said. “It was just a matter of seconds, maybe 20 seconds later and it was gone.”

Brannon said he expects his crews to spend many hours in the upcoming days and week cutting up trees and removing them and waste. He also said he expected volunteers from other areas to help Eufaula.

“What got me is I saw what happened last year in Beauregard and at the airport (Weedon Field) and no one was hurt here,” Brannon said.

The EF2 tornado that caused damage at Weedon Field and demolished the Northside Fire Station happened on March 3, 2019. The tornado on Tuesday has yet to be classified.

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