The Grand Jury report from the panel gathered at the Barbour County Courthouse in Clayton on Jan. 6 was released recently from the county court system.

During their sitting, the Grand Jury examined 60 presentments and handed down 41 indictments on the cases. Seven cases that were presented were No Billed, and seven other cases were continued. Five investigations were presented to the Grand Jury with no further action recommended.

An inspection of the Barbour County Jail garnered recommendations that a transport vehicle be purchased and additional and heavier fencing be installed along with the installation of outside lighting. The recommendation for an updated camera system to be installed and adding additional coverage areas were made along with hiring additional staff and adding a padded room for mental and suicide watch status inmates.

Offices at the courthouse in Clayton were also inspected by the Grand Jury during the time they served. The Grand Jury recommended repairing or replacing a vent over the door at Room 202 on the first floor.

On the second floor, it was recommended that handicap access to the public restrooms be installed, the inside door locks on the public restrooms do not work and should be repaired or replaced, water damage in the north-western inside wall and in the small conference room should be repaired, a ceiling tile in the District Attorney’s office that has water damage should be replaced, and the floor tile is damaged at the door leading to the room near the stairs. It was also recommended that the PA system be used.

In the basement, it was recommended that the water damage on the roof of the Board of Registrars be repaired, the broken water fountain should be repaired, the wires hanging from the security cameras should be secured, the vents in the hall should be cleaned, and the tile at the foot of the steps should be repaired or replaced.

The Grand Jury reviewed prior grand jury reports and audit reports from the Department of Public Examiners during their time of service.

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