There are those out there whom we joke that they’ll be the first to post some uniformed comment regarding a story or a friend’s message on social media, never mind that they sure as the sun rises weren’t involved in the story or know anything about what’s going on in the friend’s life.

On Saturday, soon after hearing the breaking news of the shooting at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart, I told a friend that I would almost guarantee some anti-Constitution politician would try and take advantage of the situation for political gain.

I underestimated the forthcoming lack of compassion: Two of them grandstanded within minutes. While Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren – the one that is 1/1,024th Native American yet whom likes to claim she is nonetheless – were hardly a surprise when they tweeted soon after the massacre that more gun control was needed. Even this coming from a party running on cows no longer being able to pass gas was just a bit too much.

As the late great comedian Brother Dave Gardner once said, “All we do when we make more laws is create more criminals.”

Do Pelosi or Warren truly believe had gun laws been more strict, would a guy willing to kill innocent people during a fit of rage would not have found a gun? The only thing taking away firearms from people will accomplish is to make sure that only the good people will get hurt. They’ll be the only people obeying the laws. If a crack-addict breaks into your home, shouldn’t you be able to protect yourself? According to a couple of the Democratic Party’s finest, the crack-addict, especially if he’s in the country illegally, has more rights.

Advice for Nancy P. and whoever Warren claims to be this week: Just because someone sticks a microphone in front of you doesn’t mean you have to talk. And just because you have a Twitter account doesn’t mean you have to tweet (perhaps our president could use this advice, too). Sometimes, saying nothing is the best answer of all.

(By the way, Bill Gates is practically my brother. Benefits surely to come.)

On a more rational thinking side of politics...

U.S. Representative Bradley Byrne (see Page 1A) of Mobile, running second in one recent poll to former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville in the race for incumbent Doug Jones’ (D-Fairfield) U.S. Senator seat, was in Eufaula last week. Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and State Rep. Arnold Mooney are also contestants for the Republican nomination, but they’ve got work to do to catch Tuberville and Byrne.

Byrne likely won over some voters locally as he specifically noted issues he would attack that would affect this area.

However, Tuberville may have the line of the campaign that could win both Alabama and Auburn voters. Tuberville, who beat Alabama six consecutive games in one stretch, told one gathering, “Y’all Alabama fans out there should thank me. I’m the reason y’all got Nick Saban.”

Hard to argue that point.

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