There are going to be some rough rides, perhaps some casualties, on the road to improvement.

The key word here is improvement, something Eufaula City Schools seems to be addressing. Lord know after its latest test scores, improving is the only option... let’s hope.

For starters, I’ve explained to countless residents that the Eufaula Tribune, THE media outlet in Eufaula, was not made aware of last week’s rally supporting changing the law to have an elected school board.

If some in this group are real serious about trying to do so, let’s hope wiser minds prevail.

Perhaps the Tribune was not invited because manipulation will not happen here. It shouldn’t happen anywhere, yet, we see it all the time.

I hate going here with this column because it all centers around Louise Conner not being chosen to continue her 20-year run on the board. If some people showed a fraction of the class Conner has since she was not re-appointed, we’d all be better for it. She was not “ousted,” as some people have said, rather not re-appointed. Ousted, by its mere definition, means to “drive out” or “expel” someone from a position or race. Conner was re-appointed time and time again after first joining the board in 1999. I don’t think anyone who was no appointed during that time was considered to be expelled or driven out of the race. So, why are they now?

Conner won a whole lot more than she didn’t during her time on the board. In fact, she was victorious even after losing by a 3-2 margin as she told how she will continue to support ECS and hopes the new person the city council has appointed – Yadira Chavez – will work hard too. She was encouraging, not threatening. Trying to change the law because suddenly it didn’t work in your favor is akin to challenging a speeding violation because you feel as if it should be 76 on the stretch of highway you were nabbed on, not 55.

After the embarrassing grades Eufaula City Schools received from the Alabama Department of Education, new Superintendent Joey Brannan chose to open each meeting with his faculty with the letters CDFF -- C for Eufaula High School, D for Admiral Moorer Middle School, and F’s for both Eufaula Elementary and Eufaula Primary schools.

No, Conner is hardly the reason for such terrible grades, but she is perhaps the first shoe to fall as a result. Status quo won’t cut it when your grades are CDFF. Conner was the first one whose term expired and perhaps the majority of the council saw it high time to try something different. Something has to be done, because Eufaula does not want a repeat and become known as that CDFF school system.

As for an elected school board, are you kidding me? Look around. It doesn’t work. Barbour County has more issues right now than BDO can handle. The goal here is to improve, not fall back.

It’s time to get it done. And if that happens, will it really matter who or how it came to pass?

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