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Remember when the national news, even the one or two that didn’t spew agenda-based falsehoods, cared more about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bolting Buckingham Palace for the Great White North, a.k.a. Canada?

Then there was Brexit, which hardly garners Section A coverage in major papers now, at least the major papers that still print.

Yeah, back when we learned that little the Houston Astros have done recently was earned. Those were the days.

The U.S. and Iran were apparently at odds again. AGAIN? Help me here because ever since the Ayatollah KhomeinI days in the late 1970’s I thought we have been at odds with that country.

We were worried about the cute Koala Bears and the incredible fire in Australia, where thousands of homes and millions of acres were destroyed.

We wondered if Tua Tagovailoa would be drafted high. Still do.

I, for one, could care less how Jeffrey Epstein was taken out of the equation and if Harvey Weinstein will meet the same fate. If Hillary played any part in their termination, more power to Hillary, who fortunately has none.

President Trump, while continuing to run his mouth and act like a picked on politician, was busy setting records economically for the U.S.A. while Nancy Pelosi and others hated that the country was doing so well, so they tried — and failed — to remove him from office. Suddenly, this coronavirus credited with beginning in China is blamed on him and they’re at it again. It will never end until Shumernancymaxineitis is ousted like the virus it/they is/are from the halls of D.C.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has even tried to benefit financially by asking people to donate to his campaign so they can see the details of his plan to combat the virus. This is the same guy who thinks 150 million Americans have been killed by guns since 2007 when the entire U.S. has just 330 million. Were that the case, Joe, yes, I’d agree that guns should be outlawed, but your facts are as accurate as you guessing which state you’re in at any given moment.

Lyin’ Brian Williams, we now know, can’t do math, not even elementary math, any better than he can tell the truth.

Of course, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t know Geronimo from Napoleon, and she... wait, she just got embarrassed to the point of hopefully no return, so we may not have to listen to her much ever again.

Of course, there’s A.O.C., the former bartender who must have partaken too much while on duty when you read some of her comments.

Yes, coronavirus needs to be taken seriously. Many of the aforementioned, not so much.

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