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Now that we can plan on ordering our favorite meals from our favorite local restaurants, here is some recent stay-at-home knowledge I’ve picked up from watching interviews/documentaries/shows in general:

I get a whole lot more accomplished at the office than at home, you know, without the TV or stereo on, the kitchen just steps away, and the dog whimpering at my feet waiting for me to drop something — ANYTHING. Has anyone ever wondered if a dog actually can get full?

Flipping through the channels, I often wish I didn’t have to pay for hundreds of channels when I really only watch about five.

Why would you be naked and afraid when you don’t have to be naked and afraid?

Someone said, “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worthy.”

I’ve mentioned this already, but I hope young people can see ESPN’s Last Dance and recognize that there is no question Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball winner of all time. People may say that the great Boston Celtics dynasty had more individuals with more NBA titles, but let’s remember that Robert “Big Shot Bob” Horry (7) has one more than Jordan (6) and to put him in the same conversation is just silly.

Lou Holtz made a good point when he said his Notre Dame team finished second one year and everyone was calling him an idiot. “You finish last in medical school and they call you doctor.”

Who keeps adding dirty clothes to my laundry because I seem to have three weeks of which to wash every five days?

According to the late Little Milton, ‘Grits ain’t grocery, eggs ain’t poultry.’

Ray Wyllie Hubbard sang ‘Some feel spiritual because they see the light, others 'cause they feel the heat.’

Nancy Pelosi becomes more laughable with each passing week.

Grilling out never gets old.

My neighbors cannot sing... yet, they do... every day... loudly.

Amazing, but the birds haven’t changed their routine whatsoever during the pandemic. I guess they’re immune.

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