Is it safe to come out or is that creepy Clemson Tiger mascot still lurking? If that’s not the ugliest mascot ... EVER ...

Someone said it had chronic wasting disease. I think Will Smith and his German shepherd fought off less terrifying creatures in “I Am Legend.”

The LSU victory in the national championship game restored the fact that the SEC is certainly the best conference and the best division in the SEC West. Think about it: You have Nick Saban, Ed Orgeron, Jimbo Fisher, Gus Malzahn, Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin all coaching in the division. Someone is gonna lose, eventually to the point they’ll lose their job.

Auburn (by three points at LSU while officials refused to call holding on the Tigers) and Alabama (by five points while using a one-legged quarterback) gave LSU all it could handle. Heck, Florida only lost by 14 at Baton Rouge.

On to other matters:

The Houston Astros’ cheating scandal gets manager A.J. Hinch fired and suspended for a year. What the Astros did was every bit as unscrupulous as the Black Sox scandal of 1919, yet what Major League Baseball did to those involved was akin to a slap on the wrist.

It was a ‘go sit in the corner and come back and play with us in a year’ penalty.

Pete Rose is banned for life for gambling on baseball while he was a manager. If he is banned, why is anyone involved in spying as the Astros did not given the same punishment? I ask you, would you rather your manager bet on your team or cheat to win?

Had a college team been caught doing something similar, the NCAA has shown a propensity to vacate any championships said team may have won. Why do the Astros get to keep their World Series title from the same season they are accused of cheating?

Finally, I bring you the Python Bowl. You too could have been part of the 10-day python roundup in Florida, you just couldn’t have had me as your guest. Trust me, I wouldn’t have been a good guest, anyway. That’s one “bowl” I would turn down while kicking and screaming.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is hoping the Python Bowl will help eradicate the nonnative reptiles from Florida. While I won’t be taking part of any of the bowl festivities, I wish all of the 600-plus people registered the very best. I really do. I mean, if ever I hoped everyone could be a winner, this is it. As Ray Wylie Hubbard says in his song “Snake Farm,” a Python Bowl just sounds nasty.

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