Likely, before most folks get grown, we begin looking back to earlier times of our lives and as some of us have gotten older, we have more earlier times to review.

Looking back at life could’ve begun when Adam looked at Eve and said, “Eve, remember how good we had it back in our good old day?”

Fast forward to today, just another day in the lives of billions, your scribe being one; somewhere, though, select people are enjoying today as one of a kind, a day to be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Modern technology makes remembering easier and its constant upgrades are indispensable in the House of Adams where living in “Memories” is a house rule.

In a few days, in the overall scheme of things, your scribe will reach a landmark age, knock on wood, and age two years beyond the age Dick Adams lived.

At the time, the thought was Daddy died too young, a thought now applicable to your scribe when death comes calling a second time.

Watching Ken Burns’ “Country Music” on PBS recently brought to mind how many singers, not all country stars, died far too young.

Hank Williams (29) and Patsy Cline (30) had only gotten started.

What other great music could they have created had they lived as long as us?

In the House of Adams (HoA) are two pairs of speakers older than Buddy Holly (22), James Dean and Tammi Terrell (24), Otis Redding and Jesse Belvin (26), Johnny Burnette and Chuck Willis (30), Mama Cass (32), Sam Cooke and John Belushi (33), Johnny Horton (35), Marilyn Monroe (36-23-36), Bobby Darin (37) and Dinah Washington and Bill Black (39) were when they died.

Jim Reeves (40), Elvis Presley and Bob McMillan (42), Marvin Gaye (44), Nat King Cole and Ricky Nelson (45), John F. Kennedy (46), Natalie Wood (48) and Mary Wells and Jackie Wilson (49) may not have reached the peak of their careers when they died ...

For some reason, people now in their 50’s appear younger than previous generations have looked at the same ages, check out pictures of Roy Orbison (52), Babe Ruth and Arthur Alexander (53), Tammy Wynette (55), Adolph Hitler and Brook Benton (56), Bro. Dave Gardner (57), and both Dusty Springfield and George Patton (59).

Have seen where some folks refer to the 60s as the new 40s, so apply that to Mickey Mantle, Joe Pope and Franklin D. Roosevelt (63) and Waylon Jennings (64).

That brings us to ages that’ve really claimed many more people who’ve impacted the HoA.

Says here, Louis Armstrong, Paul Bryant, Ralph Jordan, Webb Pierce, Tex Ritter, Deke Slayton and Johnny Unitas were but 69 when they died.

Inspirations who died at 70 include: Raymond Chandler, Pat Conroy, Bob Denver, Buster Keaton, Nina Simone, Orson Welles and Bob Wills.

At 71, we lost George Carlin, Johnny Cash, Jackie Gleason, George C. Scott and Tennessee Williams; James Brown, Joe Rumore and Ray Charles were 73; Bing Crosby (74), Aretha Franklin (76), Eleanor Roosevelt and Rex Allen (78) and George Wallace (79) weren’t nearly as old as once they seemed.

We’ll stop here, ramp up, try to accomplish something to make such a list as this’un; could be time left to write a song …

Wait a minute!

Elvis is dead?

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