The accolades the city of Eufaula received for its performance during the Dixie Softball World Series should make everyone in the area proud.

Among the things I was told: it wasn’t as big as what Sumter, South Carolina, rolled out, but it was more personable for everyone involved. Was it perfect? No. There could and should have been more things for the kids to do during their off time. The Splash Pad isn’t quite open, and someone dropped the ball on seeing to it that the bowling alley was open during the day, or anytime on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can only entertain yourself so long on the Playground of Dreams, especially in this heat.

Nevertheless, the overall grade I heard from coaches and parents was an A+. Like anyone who drives through town, they thought the scenery of the historic district and the lake was spectacular. Just imagine how great it’ll be next time when kids can actually enjoy more than swings and swimming pools.

I even talked to one coach who wants to bring a friend back to Eufaula to enjoy fishing for big bass when the weather is more suitable. The residual effect of the city’s performance last week may last for a long, long time.

The Democrat Debacle Debates (DDD) have, so far, done nothing but boost President Donald Trump’s favorability.

One candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand, practically said she’s against law enforcement, while most of them decided to criticize Barrack Obama’s policies. He should be their anchor, not their sinking ship. After all, he did win two elections, but no, they think his deporting of illegal aliens who entered the country – let’s make sure I say this right – ILLEGALLY, was unfair.

Then there was some nut whom I can’t even remember his name that said the bustling economy should be credited to Obama, not Trump. Moments later he said the economy wasn’t actually that good, and he blamed Trump for that. So, which is it?

I think a couple of the no-chance candidates spent way too much time inhaling... you know, when Bill Clinton wasn’t. I believe they overstayed back in the day either at Woodstock or on Haight-Ashbury.

Joe Biden is being attacked by all comers on the debate stage. It’s as if he kissed all of their daughters inappropriately? Did he?

On a side note, no one from Baltimore should have anything noteworthy to say until they clean up what is fast-becoming America’s worst city. To have someone from Baltimore complain about anything outside of Baltimore is like bats complaining of all the guano. You caused it!

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders looks more and more like a Muppets’ character, only that puppet didn’t spew hatred and nonsense as much as The Bern.

Cory Booker is going against almost everything he fought for in his past.

Then there’s Elizabeth Warren. If you’re not entertained by this cat, you’re not paying attention. Of course, she has as much chance as being the Democrat Party’s nominee as Ed Orgeron, but she’s entertaining to listen to even if you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what she’s saying (see Coach O.). Bill De Blasio and Beto O’Rourke should be thankful for Warren because without her those two would be the biggest nincompoops on stage.

There are many names on that stage that I guarantee you even the leftists at MSNBC couldn’t tell you if they were current politicians, Hollywood insiders or members of the U.S.A. women’s soccer team.

Let’s face it, only Biden or Kamala Harris have a snowball’s chance of getting the nomination. If Bernie, Warren or Pete Buttigieg crack the top three, then I just might join all of those other dimwits who threatened to move to Canada. At least Canada would be free of the dimwits because not one that I’m aware of actually moved.

There’s still time to improve, Dems, 2020 is just around the corner. But, football is only two or three weeks away and sorry, but you will take a backseat to that sport at least until the college season ends, so you better get with it.

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