Things — among others — of which I’m thankful.

... that Eufaula honors veterans like few (if any) others.

... that I live in Eufaula and therefore have finally figured out its strange differences around various monuments. It’s hard to get upset at out-of-towners who often go the wrong way.

... that I live in a state that always has someone university excelling in football.

... that I have friends who root for both tigers and the Tide, and barring anyone of said friends doing something as stupid as Harvey Updyke once did, we’ll all still be friends come next week.

... that my daughters are healthy, happy and successful, even if I’m nowhere near becoming a grandfather.

... that my dog manages to stay consistent regardless of what kind of day I’ve had. She just wants to make sure I know my place in the house, which is to acknowledge her hierarchy in the house.

... that we have such a great program right here as Eagles Rest Ministries.

... that kids of Eufaula — once warm weathers returns — can now enjoy the Splash Pad like those from bigger municipalities.

... that so many people realize what an incredible natural resource Lake Eufaula is and continue to keep it beautiful.

... that we have so many options for our size town when it comes to daily cuisine.

... that we have a walking trail as lengthy and as nice as Yohollo Micco (hey, I can appreciate it even if I don’t use it enough).

... that we have some of the friendliest people here, some that I consider dear friends in my short five years here.

... that I work for a company that allows freedom of speech in my opinion column, and that almost everyone understands it is only an opinion piece.

... that we don’t have Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi running any three-ring circuses around here. They’d mistake “drain the swamp” for “drain Lake Eufaula” and we’d all be flopping around aimlessly like them.

You didn’t think I could get through this column without discussing the ones who landed right in the middle of the cuckoo’s nest, did you?

Here’s hoping everyone takes time to realize what a great town we have here. Be thankful, because, trust me, many town don’t have as much to smile about.

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