Mark this occasion because I am about to hand out a compliment to Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy P. told Joe Biden that he should use stiff arms when around women and refrain from being so touchy feely. The seemingly never-ending videos of Biden acting inappropriately has even the crazy lady from San Francisco calling on him to stop being so creepy; this coming from a woman who has made sense about as often as the Atlanta Braves have won a World Series.

Keep your hopes up Braves. This could be a sign of great things to come this season.

Biden recently called some of President Trump’s supporters the “dregs of society.” Anyone who kisses the necks of young girls and sniffs the hair of women on stage is just a downright creep and would have to improve to become a “dreg of society.” It would be weird if he did so in public to his own family members, let alone people he doesn’t even know. He should not only be disqualified as a presidential candidate, he should be sentenced to a sexual behavior rehabilitation facility. It’s for his own safety because sooner or later some angry boyfriend or husband is going to punch him so hard he won’t be about to sniff women’s hair again. If he did go to jail for such acts, he’d be the guy they’d find all bloodied in the “yard” because even most prisoners don’t like sexual creeps.

Of course, Bill Clinton lasted eight years in the highest office after all of his moral misgivings, so, perhaps Biden is just trying to follow in those trashy footsteps. Yes, Trump had his poor judgment moment regarding members of the opposite sex, but Biden does his act in front of everyone… over and over again.

What kind of example do we set for kids when one of the previous most powerful men in the world – he was vice president – aiming to become the most powerful man – president – acts like Joe?

Biden’s continuous wrongful behavior around women angers practically everyone to whom I’ve talked. What a disgrace to the American people that this guy continues to hold any office other than a 6x8 cell with padded walls. He needs help. In a day and age when headlines are filled with the Harvey Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys of the world, do we really need Joe Biden, someone who has proven time and time again to make incredibly bad choices, to decide what’s best for our country?

The presumption of “my choice is better than your choice” is why we go to the polls. That’s just how voting works. However, a vote for Biden would be giving the OK to all of his wrongdoing, and his creepy actions seem have no end in sight. Do you really want to attach your name to that candidate?

Heaven help me for saying this, but listen to Nancy!

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