A Mississippi man found an alligator snapping turtle weighing 62.8 pounds, believed to be a state record. A Bainbridge, Georgia family had their breakfast interrupted when an 11-foot alligator was spotted in their yard and later banged its rather large head on the window to the patio. Two anacondas were cloned in Boston, leaving many of us to ask WHY? Wouldn’t a nice cloned beef cow be better?

Speaking of snakes, a 17-foot, 140-pound python was found in South Florida and a three-eyed snake was discovered in Australia.

Creeped out yet?

American Airlines actually had to ban people from boarding flights with “emotional support insects.” The decision was based on the fact that there was an 84 percent rise in urine, feces and aggression-related incidents on planes.

OK, no comment on the latter, but changing to a much happier note...

Old dogs, scientists say, can indeed learn new tricks. In fact, the scientists say the old dogs become more engaged and are happier when they learn stuff, such as playing touchscreen video games. In the next decade, look for scientist to study why dogs have become couch potatoes and have stopped chasing rabbits.

Dogs are often blamed for eating homework, but a car thief/bank robber once said after being apprehended that his cat had told him to do so. Yes, I’m a dog man, but dogs I’ve had have never asked me to commit a crime... they will gladly do the dirty work themselves.

As for Bears, they do what they want to do because they just can.

A family in Colorado had its SUV broken into, eventually pawing the gear shift into neutral as it ripped to shreds the interior. The vehicle rolled down a drive and crashed into a neighbor’s mailbox. While this sounds like something police would be skeptical of, when they arrived, the bear was gone, but had apparently left a “calling card” inside the SUV, leaving no doubt what had just happened.

I was playing golf once in west Alabama when my foursome was watching in amazement at the size of a fox squirrel in a tree above the tee box. We had pondered how bad that squirrel could hurt someone, although no one had any notions of trying to grab the squirrel even had it been a possibility. I was still watching the squirrel when one fellow was about to hit his drive. A gust of wind came up just as the squirrel attempted to leap from one tree to another and the squirrel was moved about a foot to the right of its destination, falling some 20 feet or higher to the ground, right in front of the other golfers. I’ve never seen grown men move -- some of us more “grown” than others -- move so quickly, and the sounds that were heard didn’t sound like men at all. During one of the hardest belly laughs I’ve ever had the pleasure of enduring, I managed to yell “Fore!” to the others, but they were so far down the fairway at this point they probably didn’t hear me.

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