Why would anyone want to risk heading to the Dominican Republic at this time? One suspicious death of a tourist is one thing, but the count is up to nine. Also, 47 Oklahoma tourists there for a Jimmy Buffet concert became violently sick.

This is not speculation, folks, this is a serious problem. Perhaps the entire country should be quarantined until the powers that be can figure out what is going on.

To add to the pile of mess the D.R. has, while many of our national media are down there investigating the deaths, former baseball star David “Big Papi” Ortiz was shot. Public relations officials there now have perhaps a tougher task than those in charge of trying to make Nancy Pelosi seem OK.

Until Joran van der Sloot killed a girl in a hotel room was he convicted and put away. Before that, Aruba sat on its hands and suffered financially for not doing much of anything following the death of Alabama student Natalee Holloway. I still wouldn’t give that country a penny for its lackadaisical actions regarding the Holloway case.

Good grief!

You know this world is upside down when an MSN writer reporting on the murder of former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith noted that she had in 2017 introduced a “controversial transgender bathroom bill” that would have required people to use bathrooms that correspond to their assigned sex.

No! No! No! The only “controversy” would have been allowing people to use a bathroom other than their own sex.

A true champion

Honestly, I was only vaguely familiar with the name Gary Woodland prior to the U.S. Open, but by Sunday evening I think I now have a favorite golfer.

Woodland’s relationship with an Arizona teenager with Down syndrome was well documented and the videos of the two were enough to make many pull for him, but his unrelenting pride of veterans was enough to win over many of the rest.

Woodland wore stars and stripes golf shoes as well as Folds of Honor Foundation gear for what he called “positive vibes.”

“There’re men and women who sacrifice and do so much for us so I can go out and play a game of golf and live my life under freedom,” Woodland said.

That settles it! He is a true role model!

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