I apologize if the local grocery stores are running low on popcorn. It’s just that I enjoy a snack while being entertained watching the likes of the new wave of politicians spill verbiage that makes our former politicians seem smart. It’s just meant grabbing more bags of Orville Redenbacher than usual.

I mean, if you can’t laugh at Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris and especially Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their outlandish comments, you, my friend, can’t be entertained. O’Rourke acts as if he’s on something the way he jumps around, Harris wants police to get permission from a superior before pulling a weapon on someone, and Ocasio-Ortez makes my mutt seem like an honor student, and my mutt hasn’t mastered the art of house-training in four years – that’s 28 in human years.

Yes, our president is known to unleash some off-the-wall comments, but the aforementioned trio has trumped The Donald. They’ve even stolen the spotlight on the preposterous Nancy P. and Elizabeth Warren (Is she claiming to be a Viking today?).

Even the left of left wing Washington Post gave Ocasio-Cortez four Pinocchios (for spilling untruths), which is akin to Trump saying someone tweets too much.

Therefore, I suggest rather than getting angry at absurd comments from the likes of Harris and whatever O’Rourke is trying to say, buy a bag of popcorn and take in the free comedy. Johnny Carson is not available anymore anyway, and this comes on during the news, not afterward.

As for the NCAA Tournament, I’m gonna bury this prediction piece in my column after picking North Carolina to win it all last year. Villanova beat Michigan, if you recall, and the Tar Heels lost… er, rather blown out by 21 points by Texas A&M in the second round. Oh yeah, and A&M just fired Kennedy a year later. Go figure!

I’m sticking with the ACC after witnessing the Duke-UNC game last week, which I felt was the best game I’d seen in years and perhaps restored my faith in the game, although I still don’t understand why every player gets away with carrying the ball while dribbling. The rules haven’t changed… just the officiating. (Just an observance: players still dribble less than Nancy P.)

I recently criticized Bruce Pearl and Auburn for teasing fans early by getting ranked in the top five. Since then, Auburn hasn’t lost, winning something like eight straight. Tiger fans, you’re welcome! I now believe the red-hot Tigers will win two games before falling to North Carolina in the Sweet 16. (This column was written prior to the start of the tournament Thursday. Hopefully, it will be on target for a few hours.)

Incidentally, in the same column I criticized Alabama for having no heart as a team and losing much in the way former football coach Mike Shula did after halftime. I got that one right. Avery Johnson should not be fired… yet… but he better get to proving his worth soon.

I have chosen three No. 1 seeds, all from the ACC (Duke, North Carolina and Virginia), to reach to the Final Four, with 4th-seeded Florida State, also from the ACC, joining the party. Silly, I guess, but FSU has a center that would look down on Sasquatch. Seriously, he’s technically a skyscraper.

I’ll take Duke over UNC in the finals, which is good news for UNC and really bad news for Duke.

There you have it. I have just given a puncher’s chance for everyone in the tourney, including Bradley, Abilene Christian and Gardner-Webb. Enjoy.

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