Alabama made LSU look downright silly Saturday night in Death Valley (Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge), and James Carville should perhaps be arrested for public indecency or something since his shirt had a message in Cajun that apparently translated into something ugly. So bad was Carville’s appearance on ESPN’s Game Day, that the all-liberal, er, I mean sports network apologized to SEC Commission Greg Sankey on air for Carville’s “over the top comments.”

Over the top? Wow, what a concept! Perhaps CNN should admonish Don Lemon and take your pick of anyone at MSNBC who would rather the country live in a gutter than admit good things happening in   here under a conservative president.

Conspiracy theorists like Carville may get a platform – although I’m quite sure even ESPN is done with the crazy one – but even his past work with conspiracy Hall of Famers Bill and Hillary Clinton probably won’t get him next to Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard or Rece Davis again. There are some people that have just flown a bit past the Cuckoo’s Nest to bring them back. (See Alec Baldwin, although he’ll be back, just watch.)

It was fun laughing at Carville when he went on his political rants, but perhaps now only the integrity-free cable channels employing the likes of Lemon and, again, anything MSNBC, or even late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will ask Carville to spew his hatred.

Watching Los Angeles lose its first game of the season Sunday, it was obvious playing New Orleans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was perhaps greater a challenge for the Rams than would be playing a Super Bowl at a neutral site. Drew Brees is incredible and Sean Payton at only 54 was THE offensive genius in the NFL before Sean McVay ever became a coach – McVay was 20 when Payton became the head coach of the Saints in 2006.

It was great to hear Eufaula son Les Snead admired once again by the broadcast crew for putting together the current Rams squad, taking Georgia’s Todd Gurley in the 2015 NFL Draft at No. 10 overall when most teams were afraid of Gurley’s knee injury suffered in college. Gurley is now an elite football player… make that a star. He also selected Jared Goff a few years back and three seasons later he has blossomed into an excellent quarterback with the sky as the limit. Then there’s Snead’s hiring of McVay, who was all of 31 last year when he first took over the reins of an NFL program with players in the locker room his senior.  He may just be the best coach in pro football.

As for Snead, his love for Eufaula is special. He was at his son’s – Logan -- Senior Night Friday at Eufaula High School before flying to the Rams’ game at New Orleans. He walked the sidelines, sat with his mother, Pam, in the stands, and was emotionally involved in the Tigers’ 35-34 loss to Class 7A Smith Station.

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