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It’s high time to get the debates rolling.

Ask Dan Quayle or Rick Perry just how important a good debater can be. They were awful and never called the Oval Office home, and although Quayle was a one-term VP, his cluelessness as a VP debater certainly hurt Bush No. 1 in his effort to stay around D.C. a second go-round.

Jimmy Carter was on both ends of the spectrum, thumping Gerald Ford in 1976 and getting thumped by Ronald Reagan at the 1980 debates.

Ford had Joe Biden-like errors in his ’76 debate against Carter, hence Carter’s victory; also, hence Biden’s reluctance to debate President Trump considering Basement Joe’s often lapses in memory. In the past week alone Biden had about one-third of our country dying from COVID-19. Walmart will certainly not be opening another checkout line if that’s the case.

The debates supposedly got rolling as far back as 1858 when Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas argued outside over the phrase “a house divided will not being able to stand on its own.” Douglas lost and today has no national statues that anyone wants to tear down.

Ronald Reagan, perhaps with his Hollywood background, was a master debater and easily handled both Carter and Walter Mondale.

Bill Clinton was obviously masterful at common folk speak and made George H. Bush a one-term president.

Clinton’s masterfulness did not wear off on his vice president as George W. Bush wiped the debate floor with Gore, who was about as successful in the debate game as he was fighting “hanging chads” in Florida.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry forgot his answer while answering a question at the 2011 debates and was never a serious contender again. Are you reading this, Biden?

John F. Kennedy reportedly looked young and enthusiastic because his makeup artist was excellent, while Richard Nixon looked tired in their debate. Needless to say, Kennedy won the 1960 event. Kennedy supposedly won with ease with the television audience, although it has been said that those listening on radio gave Nixon the edge. Apparently, appearances can help, too.

The point is, you should be a strong public speaker and actually address issues to be considered for public office, otherwise we could just throw some model in office and allow the economy to fall as it may.

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