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If Bob Dylan thought the times were a-changin’ in 1964, reckon what he thinks of today’s world.

We have people trying to erase history, which I guess means our future history books will not let any future society learn whether good or bad came from certain events.

Obviously, the rise of the KKK and people such as “Bull” Connor’s Birmingham fire hoses were dark times in our history, but shouldn’t we have reminders in some form or fashion just so at some point history won’t repeat itself? All you have to do is read about the attacks -- assuming common sense is applied, of course – and know those times were very bad and we should do anything possible to never repeat them.

We have people offended by something we’ve done today, some just for the very act of waking up and living in a world in which we don’t always conform to “their” beliefs.

We have a president that can’t seem to put down his cell phone any quicker than a kid addicted to video games. No matter what good he does with the economy when there’s not a worldwide pandemic taking place, he’ll probably go down in history as the Tweeting President.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, one who has no marbles and another who has forgotten where his are kept.

I saw an item on that claimed the computer was the number one thing that changed America in the last 50 years. But what if we have to read on Google just about the good things and not all of the bad things once some people have their way?

I once had a lady berate me in a convenient store years ago in another state, saying all I cared about was bad news. I grabbed one of the papers off the counter and there were as many as five “positive” articles on the front, so obviously the woman just didn’t care about facts. Nevertheless, when I mentioned this at a press association meeting a couple of weeks later, the state director said his favorite comeback to such complaints was, “We tried printing all happy news, but people would rather read the bad stuff.”

I’m not sure how accurate that statement was, but writing all “positive” news would be like watching nothing but happy movies with not a hint of negativity. Why would anyone waste two hours of their time knowing how the beginning, middle and end of a movie will turn out? We certainly would have to eliminate sports because someone always goes home a loser, and we couldn’t have that, right? Or maybe they can be presented a participation trophy and all will be well.

We judge people on their actions, not the stuff they read or once saw. Perhaps it was their reading about such bad choices that have been made in history that is why we like them today, you know, because they understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Had they not had the ability to see the bad results, maybe they would repeat history.

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