When a friend asked if I’d heard about the shooting, I assumed he was talking about the latest from west Texas, where seven were killed by some disturbed fellow following a traffic stop. He began shooting at random during a chase. Among those he hit was a 17-month-old girl. She will have surgery Monday to remove shrapnel from her chest and hopefully fix a torn lip.

Yeah, the injured toddler alone should get this guy the death penalty. He had an “AR-type” weapon, which prompted Democrat presidential hopeful Beto O-What’s his name to immediately begin spouting off about gun control. If Beto believes this guy who thought anyone in his path should die would not have found a gun anyway, then he’s worse off than even the polls show.

“No, no, no,” said my friend. “The football game shooting. Google it.”

There it was. Nine shot at high school game in Mobile on Friday night. Again, I jumped to a conclusion and said “I bet it was at Vigor in the Pritchard area,” because I had heard nightmare stories from the 80’s and 90’s there, including the city having to build a wall to prevent drive-by shootings from a nearby highway into the stadium.

I was wrong, but when it proved to be at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, I can’t say I was exactly shocked. Another friend had told me that he had stopped going to the Senior Bowl years ago when his girlfriend was surrounded as she exited the bathroom by ill-intending people. He and another guy promptly “rescued” the girl and he hasn’t been back.

This game was between LeFlore and Williamson high schools. The Mobile mayor, Sandy Stimpson, said the game was an “intense rivalrly.” He should choose her words more carefully. It doesn’t get any more intense than Alabama-Auburn, and no one believes guns should be taken to the Iron Bowl.

“No, no, no,” interrupted my friend again. “This shooting was in your neck of the woods.”

So, I redefined my search and found where there had been an argument over the previous night’s football game between Lanett and LaFayette resulted in a shooting Saturday night at a party at Fairfax Kindergarten. Why were weapons ever OK to take to a party... at a kindergarten, even if it was a Saturday night?

Multiple injuries were reported, including one as young as 15.

I told my friend that young kids involved in such altercations were tragic, to which my friend relayed a story how a 15-year-old was arrested just prior to shooting inside a stadium as a gang initiation.

I’m sure if Beto was in charge, the gangs would never get a gun, but he’ll never sniff the White House as the Chief Executive of the U.S., so I guess we just need to try and bring common sense back to these youngsters.

The Mobile mayor said metal detectors are being considered for games there. Yep, that’s where we have arrived... metal detectors at football games. And sadly, they are perhaps needed.

Former Elba Schools Superintendent Chresal Threadgill, now the superintendent of Mobile County Public Schools, said there would be new security protocols, but added that he thought the issue of gun violence was beyond the school system, or even the police department.

"This is a community issue, and if we don't get together and join hands and fight this type of situation, it's going to continue to happen," Threadgill said.

Amen, Chresal. Amen!

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