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Reports of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un being in grave health as reported by CNN are denied by South Korea. No one knows for sure because he hasn’t been seen or heard from since earlier this month.

People have disputed reports from the Alabama Department of Public Health regarding the COVID-19 statistics. They’ve even taken to blasting the media for releasing businesses which sent out press releases regarding the pandemic.

We’ve even had law enforcement and ordinance makers in some areas say the “gatherings” and “curfew” (some areas) orders have proven to have gray areas.

It’s a lose-lose proposition more than ever. Even the Alabama Department of Public Health posted a death in one county due to COVID-19, only to retract it after publications had gone to press.

If you think what you’re doing is wrong, you’re probably right. The Alabama Department of Public Health is the official database on COVID-19, regardless of a few egregious errors. And who cares of about the health status of Kim?

We have more issues.

Nancy Pelosi and her party of American haters continue to carelessly throw barbs at the president. Yes, he’s belligerent to some extent, but he’s our belligerent president and he knows far better what to do — thanks to president advisors — regarding the current situation than Nancy P. and her ill-intended minions. When will this woman finally be ushered out of Washington?

We can hardly blame the lockdown on Nancy P. going crazy as she has proved she’s bonkers for quite some time. And it’s not as if each side of the aisle doesn’t have their fair share of nuts. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a FOX TV interview that while he didn’t want to die — at 70, he’s at a greater risk if he gets COVID-19 — “we have to take some risks. There are more important things than living, and that’s saving this country for my children and my grandchildren.” This is why Patrick said his state plans to open up for business quickly.

He lost me at “there are more important things than living.” Are you kidding me!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but is living not the goal here, living and making a difference, not living and making stupid comments.

I realize this coronavirus stuff is awful, but man is it ever bringing out the worst in people.

If there is ever a time was for people to work together it’s now. We are hearing of the state and the country perhaps re-opening soon, but there are bound to be more tragic stories. Irrational talk leads to irrational decisions. Let’s hope we make the right decisions... or at least have someone make the right decisions for us.

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