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I would use the old “Say it ain’t so, Joe” saying, but with Joe Biden, it would need to be amended to: “Say it ain’t so Joe... again.”

Soon after Biden’s latest speech gaffe – I believe this is number 2,662 this decade – my texts and emails began blowing up.

The right were pointing out that Biden is unfit to walk out of his house without supervision, much less run the country.

The left was saying this was some sort setup by Trump’s people. Let’s hope they don’t waste more time and money aimlessly investigating why he said what he said. I don’t know if there are enough chickens in the world to keep putting egg on their faces.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden said on a radio show.

Pardon me, but this trumps the usual arrogant, pompous and childish talk we’ve grown to know from the president and many members of Congress. How about the Speaker, you ask? Well, she’s just nuts. Some of the others are bad people. I won’t say names, but they rhyme with Sniff, Humor and Billary.

Joe Biden is unfit to serve as the local dog catcher because at the end of his first day his cages would be filled with two roosters, a red fox, Hereford calf, three fawns, and a very agitated bobcat who was nabbed as Biden managed to slip in a hug and kiss without its permission.

For Heaven’s sake, his wife recently had to help him leave a stage as he appeared lost.

Bernie Sanders has to be shaking his head on how he lost to a guy who has no more business with his hand on the missiles as he does taking out the evening trash by himself.

His continual line of nonsensical talk should make someone more concerned about his health than the fact the Democrat Party has put all of their chips in on a guy that at any given moment couldn’t spell Joe if you spotted him the “J” and the “E”.

The left is trying to say Biden’s remark was in jest. That’s more bologna that Oscar Mayer has at three factories! For starters, you don’t say anything of the sort “in jest.” It just rolled off his tongue because he doesn’t know better.

Can you imagine him sitting next to Kim Jong-un and saying he looks like a very sickly Tellatubby? Probably wouldn’t end well.

Hopefully, even our very coarse president will take it easy on Biden, because I’m not sure if there’s enough medication in Washington to get him to November without a straightjacket. Although, it does appear they’ve stopped supplying Nancy P., so there could be more available.

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