Because of the recent buzz regarding the anti-American actions of the U.S. women’s soccer team (reading that just sounds odd, right?) reminded me of a nitwit right up Megan Rapinoe’s alley.

As general manager and editor of a newspaper buried in the Ozark Mountains, I often came across people you see now on some high-numbered cable channel doing documentaries on because, well, they may have lived on a grid but not like any grid most of us have seen. I mean, going on some calls with the local sheriff’s office, I saw “homes” that could only have been delivered by a large helicopter – turns out they had been – and places people “lived” where there was no power poles to be found – turns out they didn’t have electricity. Turns out they wanted to be as reclusive as possible, usually for good reason.

However, the most unpopular person living in one community there was probably one of the better educated men around. He had long been a controversial subject running a local motel. There were more bad online reviews regarding misconduct with him and hotel guests than there probably were at the Bates Motel had Internet been around when Norman was running the show.

In 2008, on a November presidential election night, the couple who owned the small motel walked outside and lowered Old Glory while raising the Confederate Battle flag in protest of Barack Obama winning the election. The town was embarrassed, but hardly surprised, as this guy had been an outspoken member of a local militia group previously and was quite frankly “off his rocker” according to school officials, city and county workers, local restaurant owners... basically, anyone who had ever come in contact with the man. My paper was inundated with letters from locals and outsiders protesting the man’s obvious racist move, one he said not racist at all, rather his way of voicing displeasure of socialist comments Obama was surely to make.

Yeah, right, and my distaste for Nancy Pelosi has more to do with her having attended a private all-girls school called Notre Dame than the fact she is pure nuts.

I wrote then as I wrote when Donald Trump was elected – both fair and square by the way – we don’t have to be pleased with the outcome but as Americans we should hope they become the greatest president ever.

This motel guy eventually sold, and for the sake of the good folks that lived in the area, I hope he moved elsewhere to spread his hate... perhaps to Antarctica. (Poor penguins, if he did.)

Eventually, Colin Kaepernick will fade into oblivion and Rapinoe will no longer be able to kick a soccer ball, so we can hope no one will keep them in the headlines. Well, unless I need to fill out some space in a weekly column re-hashing people with bad intentions down the line, but as long as we have some of our politicians still spewing venom, I’m sure they’ll provide fodder to write about for some time to come.

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