From the You-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said someone else’s comments were “appalling.”

This from a woman who’s p.r. department has one of the most difficult daily tasks:

“Mrs. Pelosi, here’s what you said today...”

“I said that?!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“OK, don’t worry, I’ll say something tomorrow that’ll take their minds off today.”

As for appalling, the comments from TV personnel regarding Sarah Sanders upon her announcement she will return home to spend time with her children should be enough to have even the most liberal of network executives realize they are so off course on the path of humanity they need to make wholesale changes.

Bring on Bigfoot or even aliens because they have to be more kind than these fools.

Python problems

Forget Bigfoot sightings in Georgia; who’s with me that’s far more concerned about what’s taking place farther south?

According to the USGS, Everglades National Park has 99.3 percent fewer raccoons, 98.9 percent fewer possums (I left off the “o” because I’m a rebel), and 87.5 percent fewer bobcats because of the python invasion. Foxes and rabbits, the study says, have “effectively disappeared.”

The non-native predator enjoys a smorgasbord of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians there because they can swim, burrow and climb trees, basically everything short of flying, but even winged creatures must land at some point and the stealth ability of the pythons is incredible.

A Burmese python can reach of to 26 feet and weight 200 pounds. An average clutch of eggs for a female is 50-100. A recently captured 17-foot, 141-pound python had 73 developing eggs.

The removal effort of the snakes has hardly put a dent in the population and some estimates are that there are as many as 300,000 in Southern Florida at the moment. It’s akin to the wild hog problem. Kill one and there are dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of new piglets born annually within the herd.

Pythons have been captured on camera after having eating deer, even alligators.

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