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Desire Ameigh

The homes in Eufaula are as colorful and charismatic as the people who call this place home. A friend said to me once, “Eufaula is a place of narrow streets and broad minds.” At every twist and turn of the highways and backroads carved into this community, there are vibrant, diverse characters willing to share their spaces and stories with unique charm and adoration.

Each year since 1965, we’ve been lucky enough to celebrate the sites and stories of Eufaula in a magnificent display of our town’s hospitality and rich historical narratives: the annual Pilgrimage Tour of Homes.

Each Pilgrimage is a culmination of community-wide effort. Organizing, planning, and preparing each piece of the tour and events is only made possible by the labor and love invested by dedicated volunteers.

This year is a little bit different. For the first time in 55 years, the tour has been canceled due to an unimaginable global concern. Although the festivities are on hold until next spring, it’s impossible to ignore the incredible work went into making the 55th Pilgrimage even a possibility.

The spotlights you see are specific to three women who have, year after year, played unique and critical roles in making each Pilgrimage special. Catherine Lehman, Linda Perdue, and Marian Bargewell are not only Eufaula natives, but also three powerhouses who work behind the scenes to take the ideas of the Pilgrimage from the drawing board to the lives of hundreds of annual visitors.

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