A couple of Navy Seals — one former and one deceased — have been friends over the years. What they could tell me is better than anything Hollywood can manufacture, which at times has me wondering what in the world they could not tell me.

Brad was a fellow who had been involved with Somalia (that’s about as much as he could tell me) when he was killed at a far too young age in a vehicle crash while on leave and soon after attending a college football game at Ole Miss.

Who knows what Brad would have accomplished? Maybe he would have been on the extermination of bin Laden. Maybe he would have had a movie made about some mission he was on. Maybe he would have served his time and come back to have a successful profession and family.

John still does contract work post-Seal involvement in countries most of us wouldn’t visit during the best of times. The guy comes across nuttier than Mr. Peanut at times, but when he sits down and talks about loyalty to his country and some of the things he’s witnessed you can’t help but get an adrenaline boost of pride.

John said he feels more at home in the Middle East because he knows how to deal with people there; not so much back home. I guess once it’s ingrained in you, you’re hooked. It’s not for me to understand, I guess, since I have no history there.

Then there was a guy named Harry. He was in a different group of the military. I’ll leave that to guess because I wouldn’t want anything to get back to the wrong people. I’ll just say that it wasn’t the Navy Seals.

Nevertheless, Harry had performed several covert operations during his time abroad. When I got to know Harry, he was already back stateside working in law enforcement. Harry couldn’t, or at least didn’t, let go of the past. He found ways to use his special training to become an EMT and later a member of two law enforcement agencies. The final straw was when he developed a very sophisticated firecracker explosion that disrupted a parade he didn’t believe in. Once authorities investigated the “explosion,” they realized it could have only been made by someone with a particular set of skills, and Harry was their first — and correct — suspect.

I asked about Harry recently and discovered he has had almost as many wives (5) as Tom Brady has Super Bowl titles (6), living far, far away and is something of a recluse, refusing to speak to old friends because he feels that would be bad luck.

I can’t even write to Harry because I don’t have an address and he apparently thinks social media is the devil’s work. I wouldn’t argue with him at times on the latter.

I can’t talk to Brad, never know if John is stateside or in some war-torn country, and Harry won’t talk to anyone other than a wife, who in Super Bowl terms, is No. V. I sure hope they know how much they’re appreciated, no matter where they are or what state-of-mind they’re in.

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