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Corona-confused, or is it just me?

What can now be open for business? Why was a surfer in the ocean arrested for surfing in the ocean? If we won’t have to wear a mask at a restaurant — unless, like some babies, some have learned the art of absorbing food — why should we need to wear one while shopping for khakis, or fishing lures, or baby back ribs?

Why did Bakerhill leaders decide to change its spelling to one word — as many emailers and callers to the Tribune have suggested — after it was founded as two words?

Why is the hypocrisy level boiling over regarding Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations as opposed to the previous allegation against Brett Kavanaugh?

Why is Nancy Pelosi ... never mind... just why will suffice.

Speaking of Nancy P., why is it OK to allow homeless people to set up their temporary homes outside of San Francisco — her district — businesses, yet complain that President Trump is not doing enough to fight COVID-19?

Speaking of wacky leaders, why is the Los Angeles City Council considering “commandeering” hotels that refuse to take in homeless people during the pandemic? How about the city build more shelters if that’s what concerns them, but don’t go all third-world on us and try to overtake businesses that need to make a dollar to survive.

Also, I’m not saying heads should roll, but cell doors should be closed behind many of those involved in wrongfully tearing down Michael Flynn. Why is Peter Strzok still a free man? Speaking of... why is the guy that shot and killed the jogger in Brunswick, Georgia a free man? RIDICULOUS!

Someone shot up a McDonald’s in Oklahoma City because they were upset the dining area was closed. I’d ask why, but this does give new meaning to not having it your way.

ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ is perhaps its greatest documentary ever. Glad I got to see the greatest winner ever on a basketball court in Michael Jordan. No question here, just a noted fact.

Finally, what the heck is a Murder Hornet, how’d it get here and for the sake of all things holy, how did it get its name? With venom far greater than the average wasp, they are not known for attacking humans and are more dangerous to our honey bee — they literally bite off their heads — population. Native to East Asia and Japan, they are said to be hunted and eaten as a delicacy there. But... why?

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