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Why has “comedian” George Lopez not been arrested for terroristic threatening?

Admit it; the best meme coming from the conflict with Iran was the one where someone said, “I’m not scared of Iran. They don’t play in the SEC and haven’t played anybody.”

Most of Hollywood says the president is nuts while Harvey Weinstein continues to represent that culture in the utmost shame.

Though he died last August, Jeffrey Epstein’s death in jail is looking more and more as if it was not self-inflicted. Shocking, I know. Speaking of which, does anyone know the whereabouts of the Clintons on Aug. 10? Asking for a friend.

Some people are criticizing America’s killing of Iran’s Qassem Suleimani. Does the fact that he is responsible for more than 600 American deaths, unloads economic hardships on his people, discriminates against women, and makes Charles Manson look almost human mean Sean Penn or Robert De Niro will be playing the late bad guy soon on the big screen? Does it mean Hillary Clinton and Barrack will send the Iranian government more money?

Was Chuck Schumer picked on as a child?

If Joe Biden is your most sane candidate that has a hope of receiving your party’s bid, should your party reconsider its strategic plans?

What’s the next really stupid thing to roll off of Nancy Pelosi’s lips? (Answer: While I don’t know what it’ll be, I can’t tell you when it’ll happen ... the next time she talks.)

Did anyone really think Tua Tagovailoa would come back to college and risk another injury that would likely mean no NFL paycheck ... ever?

Since when did Tom Brady and the Patriots see their dynasty end just because they lost a playoff game? They went 12-4 ... in the NFL!

I’m sorry, but does an 11-2 record mean Alabama had a bad year? Eleven wins ... in the SEC!

Can you be a “whistle blower” if you shout what you’ve seen loud and clear? If so, here’s me blowing my whistle ... I see people in the House and in the Senate that have flown far beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest.

If and when the Democrats get their new wave of wackos under control and resume to displaying common sense, will they realize that, save for a few counties in the Northeast and West Coast, taking care of America should be first and foremost on their job achievement list?

If he is afforded a second term, will President Trump be able to afford a better hairdo?

Who the heck is Rose McGowan?

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