Tick bites, flood and/or food photos and stuff I believe I’d have kept to myself... and those were just in the last few days. Welcome to today’s social media.

Lately, the heat has kept me inside more than I’d like. Time was when I’d play golf all day in the sun or the drizzling rain. Today, well, it better be perfect weather, for a good cause, and my knees need to be cooperating that particular day since my swing no longer does. No, today, when I get home I make sure I time the watering of my garden between the sun’s scorching of the earth and it still being light enough to not step on any slithering passersby in my yard.

Otherwise, I relax on the couch with a dog at my feet and Facebook in my hands to see how others are doing, you know, because they think I care.

One buddy in Arkansas took a photo high on a mountain overlooking a golf course. Aside from one elevated green and tree tops, the rest of the course was flooded. I lived for 10 months next to that course. I told him my suggestion would be to lay up... or consider it good and pick it up... or better yet, wait until the river subsides.

A friend in North Alabama showed a picture of where she was forced to dig a tick from her arm, because, you know, I was hoping to see such a picture with details to boot.

A friend out by Lake Tahoe said she was laying poolside while noting it had snowed just a few days ago in the area’s higher elevations.

A female friend in a town I’d best not mention in case this column makes it to the World Wide Web talked of her latest breakup. She questioned whether or not her “ex” was interested in the opposite sex. I would type in the SMH abbreviation for shaking my head, but I figure it’s best to not acknowledge I even read this one... nor the last six breakups she posted about.

Find the car in this photo. No.

Join me in playing this game. Double no!

Alabama friends bashing Auburn. Auburn friends bashing Alabama. Troy friends promoting Troy (What a great idea!).

Apparently, Facebook believes I’d be interested in a sale on Ohio State polo shirts. I’m not. Apparently someone else believes I’m interested in their quote of the day. I’m not.

Of course, I believe everyone should be interested in what I grilled over the weekend. What, you’re not?!

Cat pictures popped up from South Florida to Central Oklahoma. I’d rather see goats... and lo and behold, there were goat pictures complete with decorated horns. Did you know antlers are on cervids and horns are on bovids? Did you even know the definition of cervid? A friend in Georgia did. Actually, he’s a truck driver and posted the difference while traveling somewhere in either Canada or Minnesota. My day is so much richer because of that tidbit.

If you’ll excuse me, the sun is going down and I want to tell the difference between a copperhead and a garden hose.

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