Someone set the record straight, please ...

The 5-second rule for dropped food is useless? Uh oh! Researchers have found that food becomes instantly contaminated as soon as it touches the floor.

Pluto is or is not a planet? And just what is the difference between a “major planet” and a “dwarf planet?”

Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, rather a guy named Humphrey Davey?

The use of the Trojan horse by the Greeks was all a myth born from a poem?

There is gravity on the moon, albeit far less than here on earth?

Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America? Leif Erickson sailed to Newfoundland around 1,000 BC, about 492 years before Columbus. Nevertheless, Native Americans already lived here, so neither “discovered” America.

Bats are not blind? But, my mother always said I was “blind as a bat” when I couldn’t find my shoes, yet they were right where I’d taken them off.

Gum does stay in your body for a long time, but nowhere near the seven years as the myth suggests?

Are there five senses for the normal human, or more as many scientists suspect, including spatial reasoning, vibration, time, direction and temperature?

Am I not normal if I do not possess spatial reasoning?

So, toilets in the southern hemisphere flush exactly as they do here as long as the design is the same?

Touching a baby bird has little if anything to do with its parents abandoning them because, well, most birds can hardly smell at all?

The Great Wall of China is not visible from space?

Camels do not use their humps for water storage, rather fat? That’s odd, that’s what I store in my hump, too.

Toboggan schmoboggan. Your body heat doesn’t escape through your head, rather all parts of your body?

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