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Donald Trump wouldn’t shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand. Can you blame him? Would you be kind to someone who tried to get you fired by making false allegations, aka lies?

The best thing I can say about such an individual as Pelosi is how amazing she is. Time after time she hits a new low when you are certain she is already beneath the lowest sewer on earth.

Tuesday night’s actions at the State of the Union address embarrassed me for her. What a sad person. What a disgrace to the United States! Her legacy should be a poster, if you will, on just how pathetic a person can become.

You have to figure someone with her mental weakness doesn’t have long left on this earth. She needs to get busy changing her ways or else she will be remembered as one of the worst people ever in American politics. I wonder if it’s too late. Not even Patrick Mahomes could rally from the deficit she’s created.

I’ve made fun of Pelosi for years. Now, she’s doing it to herself.

As for Sen. Doug Jones supporting Chuck Shumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Nancy P... I guess he really doesn’t want a second term.  What a shame. He fooled a lot of people who chose him over radical rights by being even more radical left. Again, he has soiled whatever legacy he was hoping to leave behind. What a weak man he has become for caving in to the angry little people of the Sore Loser Party.

When we last checked in on Iowa for its 15 minutes of fame, Democrats there were having trouble counting votes and absolutely ruined its caucus. We’ll check in with you again, Iowa, the next time your caucus rolls around, and see if you have the wires untangled. When all is said and done, in true Pelosi-Schumer-Schiff-Nadler-CNN form, my allegation is that the votes were not going the way Democrats wanted so they held up the release until they could make them more to their liking.

Until the Democrats admit that everyone outside of the major metropolitan areas have a voice, we may never see another left-wing president. They have overloaded the washing machine with a quilt on one side and we little people on the other. The country will never run smooth again until they get some idea of balance. Until then, we’ll just rock back and forth and hope things get clean.

Were he just another local businessman, I’m guessing Donald Trump would be avoided because he comes across as arrogant and brash. However, as President he’s done a better job than anyone in a very long time.

Were they just local residents, we wouldn’t have to listen to Schiff, Schumer, Nadler or Pelosi any more than we wanted to converse with them about the weather, local high school teams, etc. However, as leaders of the Democratic Party, they make you want to be sick.

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