You know things are bad when the state of Alabama ranks ahead -- not the high ranking we’re looking for -- of Illinois when it comes to Most Dangerous States. In fact, coming in at No. 5 regarding FBI facts that include crime frequency, law-enforcement-to-civility ratios and median state incomes, Alabama is 29 spots ahead of Illinois, which at times resembles a war zone in Chicago, which means  the rest of the Land of Lincoln state must be well-behaved.

Alabama spreads its crime around. We all know about Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma and Mobile, but did you know Anniston was ranked the Most Dangerous City in Alabama? When the ranking gets updated, expect southeast Alabama to be represented.

Dothan and Phenix City have had their share of violent crimes lately, and Eufaula, sandwiched between those two, has hardly been crime-free.

Eufaula City Councilman Johnny Knight recently closed a meeting with: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got to do something. We’re losing control of our kids.” I thought I was joking when I said Knight was half right, that adults are losing it, too.

All this was said prior to Memorial Day weekend when we had several senseless deaths in and around the area.

Something has to be done, indeed. It’s getting to where you’re afraid to honk at someone driving erratically in fear of violent retaliation. I know I’ve caught myself thinking, ‘No, it’s just not worth it.’ There was a time when the greatest fear of getting someone’s attention on the road was receiving sign language from said offender. Now, well, you could be signing your own death warrant if you so much as look at someone wrong.

New Mexico is No, 1 in Most Dangerous States, but when you have more scorpions than people and many of the latter are smuggling stuff they don’t want others to know about, there is bound to be a high percentage of wrongful deaths per capita.

The rest of the top 8 is all southern states,: 2 – Louisiana, 3 – Mississippi, 4 – Arkansas, 5 – Alabama, 6 – South Carolina, 7 – Tennessee, 8 – North Carolina. Florida is No. 12 and Georgia No. 13.

Hopefully, we can gain control of our senses and be more understanding, compassionate and caring for our fellow man. Good grief, this is scary. Don’t we want our children to live in a better place? Right now, it’s not so good.

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