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NASCAR has been in serious decline ever since the death of Dale Earnhardt, a man who gave people either someone to root for or against.

Sunday’s events were probably the final straw for the sport, which has continued such a downward spiral in popularity that it has taken out seats at some tracks in an attempt to make the crowds look larger on television.

Then Sunday happened. What a disgrace!

The noose found in the garage area of black driver Bubba Wallace’s garage area is sickening. I hope NASCAR does a better job investigating where the noose came from, as it has promised, than its horrendous public relations and kick anyone with connection to the sick act to the curb.

Today’s NASCAR is about as akin to the Richard Petty-Bobby Allison-Cale Yarbrough days as today’s country music is too, well, real country music. Of course, there are people that still think the Clintons are good people, so I guess it stands to reason for some that today’s country music is nothing more than alternative pop.

“I am shocked and appalled to hear of (Sunday’s) vile act against Bubba Wallace in Talladega -- there is no place for this disgusting display of hatred in our state,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said. “Racism and threats of this nature will not be condoned nor tolerated...”

Bravo, Governor!

I don’t mind admitting when I’m not especially educated on a certain subject. I don’t blame it on my schooling, rather my inability to retain knowledge as I get older what was passed along to me several decades ago.

After learning about Juneteenth, there is little doubt in my mind that it should be a national holiday. It should be celebrated. That said, it should not be celebrated by tearing down buildings and communities. That is as senseless as the killing of George Floyd.

For Heaven’s sake, the motive of a protestor should not be to act as foolish as one of the “marchers” from Montgomery did last week acted at a local establishment. He simply came off as simply foolish.

The Eufaula Pilgrimage had a house on the homes tour owned by blacks scheduled before the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year. There was also a learning center on TV McCoo Boulevard scheduled. So whatever genius thinks that ending the Pilgrimage is a good idea because of something that happened more than a century ago is speaking to deaf ears. This is2020 and ending the Pilgrimage would be severely hurting Eufaula’s income as it is a major contributor to the city’s annual tax base. There is nothing racist about it whatsoever.

People need to think before they shout just to hear themselves shout. At least have some genuine points if you’re going to do so. It’s as irresponsible is President Trump saying that he wanted to slow down testing to stop the increased numbers in COVID-19, or as empty as anything coming from the lips of Nancy Pelosi.

As the late great Martin Luther King said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

There seems to be many fools among us.

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