A fisherman jumps into the middle of a cold Lake Eufaula after his line becomes entangled in brush with a bass on the end, feels the line with his toes, gets the line loose, hauls in the 4-pound, 3-ounce bass and is promptly docked three minutes from a Major League Fishing official on board ... twice — once for getting in the water and once for letting the bass touch the boat.

I have not confirmed if that rules official was in charge of counting votes at the Iowa caucus before coming to Eufaula.

The angler, Adrian Avena, is now my favorite pro fisherman and likely that of many others. That’s what those guys will do in hopes of winning $100,000. If we saw such determination from other sports “stars” perhaps it’d be easier to watch a full game rather than clicking the remote to see what’s on the next channel.

The Daytona 500 is Sunday. Doesn’t quite have the feel of the Super Bowl of stock car racing as it once did. When Bobby Allison, A.J. Foyt, Junior Johnson and “King” Richard Petty were burning rubber, the sport was at its best, but it was still interesting when Dale Earnhardt Sr., Bill Elliott and a young Jeff Gordon were grinding toward the checker flags.

“The Great American Race” turns 61 Sunday, but it seems it has already lost the race, kinda like Elizabeth Warren or “What state am I in?” Joe Biden.

All of the changes NASCAR has made has ruined the sport, or certainly changed it, kinda like the 3-pointer has made basketball as we once knew it a different game. Does anyone shoot a 15-footer anymore? I saw a shot chart recently with some game I watched and one a team had about 20 shots within five feet, about 20 from behind the 3-point arc, and none (as in zero, zilch, nada) between 7 and 20 feet.

A good buddy of mine (yes, I have a friend or two) says the world has not only gone mad but it continues to find new ways to shock us. He bet me if I came up with some crazy possibility whether it be politics, sports or just something you see on a grocery store shelf, chances are it won’t be as crazy as something that will actually happen and you’ll read about on the internet in a day or two.

Such as the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal. Yet, they are still the world champions from 2017.

Such as any idea that comes out of the “mind” of AOC.

Such as Burger King and its not-meat-but-taste-like-meat burger that has now been one-upped by KFC and it’s Beyond Meat Chicken for vegetarians. Say what?!

Haggar is making pants from recycled plastic bottles. Do what?!

And now, we hear, Crocs — the “shoes” — have begun selling a chicken-scented version of the footwear. Good grief?!

Makes diving into a cold lake for a fish seem kinda boring.

As my buddy often says: What’s next?

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