Apparently, with Cramton Bowl’s remodeling years ago, I missed where the place now doubles as Montgomery’s latest daycare center because families, including loud kids running rampant and greatly outnumbering the “working press” were prevalent in what was obviously mislabeled as a press box.

Maybe it’s just Carver, maybe it’s Montgomery’s school system in general, or maybe it’s Cramton Bowl officials not sufficiently caring how its facility is misused. Regardless, what a total embarrassment for its lack of professionalism... and not to mention that the individuals in question sat talking away during the National Anthem -- played by their own band -- and loudly cheered for their Wolverines during the game. There’s a reason people are forbidden to cheer at respectable press boxes – that’s what the stands are for. Carver, Montgomery or Cramton Bowl obviously doesn’t worry about professionalism... or respect to their country or even their own high school.

Eufaula’s almost certain impending return to Class 5A, where it belongs and where the Tigers could have been serious contenders for the state title this season, will be a welcomed return since it will no longer have the Montgomery schools to deal with on the region schedule.

First and foremost, Carver should be ashamed of how it handled the situation with the scheduled game at Cramton Bowl. Explain why the school knew the game would have to be moved to Thursday far enough in advance that you practiced on Sunday, yet, you didn’t inform Eufaula until Monday. Hmmm! If that doesn’t smell fishy, then perhaps you don’t know the difference between a crappie and a crawdad.

Then, what went on within the confines of Cramton Bowl was about as bush league as it gets.

Then there was Park Crossing’s visit to Eufaula earlier this month, a game that featured 30 flags in all and multiple ejections of players and coaches for the Thunderbirds. Officials might as well have thrown an unsportsmanlike penalty on PC when it exited the bus because after seeing the team’s display on the field, maybe the striped shirts could have slowed down the actions soon to come from the Thunderbirds.

We know the Alabama High School Athletic Association won’t do anything about it, nor should it be that entity’s responsibility. But, for a city that could use some positive public relations, it has earned an “F” grade from high school football, and that’s regardless of whether the teams win or lose.

Not only did Eufaula sweep the trio of Montgomery schools this season on the field, but it has certainly shown it is light years ahead in other areas.

Come on Montgomery, we need a better look out of you as our state capital. People are watching.

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