The Eufaula City Council spread out to participate in social distancing at Monday’s regular meeting. In fact, many of the city’s regular employees at the meeting were absent, including Mayor Jack Tibbs.

Limited business was discussed, including that a Eufaula City Schools board appointment will be recommended at the April 20 meeting of the council. Names are to be submitted to the city by April 3.

Ann Savage was appointed to the industrial development board.

Alesha Williams was appointed to Eufaula’s SpectraCare board.

Councilmember Barbara Flurry noted that revenues were up for the city, as well as sales tax from the same period last year.

The Eufaula Community Center shut down beginning Thursday morning. Carnegie Library has also closed for the time being.

Council President Johnny Knight closed the meeting by stating, “People, wash your hands. There’s no need for hugging. Do what we need to do. Let’s instill that in people as leaders of the city.”

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