Barbour County Board of Education

Barbour County Board of Education members responded to an employee’s grievance during the Jan. 14 meeting, denying a salary adjustment for one of the transportation department’s employees.

Board members voted four to one against the salary adjustment for Larry Smith, whose jobs with the county school system covers everything from mechanic to bus driver. Jimmie Fryer was the sole board member to oppose turning down Smith’s request. When time came for a motion and a second for the item on the agenda, Jacqueline Davis made the motion with Ruby Jackson seconding the action.

Larry Smith and his wife, Rachel Smith, had addressed the county school board of education last August with complaints that other employees with less experience and certifications were receiving raises and other than those mandated in the school’s pay scale, Smith had not received any adjustments to his salary despite his experience and certifications.

The Smiths addressed the board members for a second time during the December 2018 meeting with Mrs. Smith speaking on her husband’s behalf. According to Mrs. Smith, her husband had spoken to a board member, the prior Director of Transportation, and his current supervisor about having his pay scale corrected prior to the first time the couple approached the board in August of 2018. She stated that all promised to get his pay corrected, but nothing had been done.

“His duties include driving a bus, supervision of the bus drivers, foreman of the bus routes, being the state certified bus mechanic, the bus shop supervisor, and a supportive employee, but his salary is based on six years of experience – excluding his position as a bus driver,” Mrs. Smith had commented during the August 2018 meeting. “On or about July 17, 2018, Mr. Magee ran an analysis of Mr. Smith’s salary which showed he gets 75 percent of the six year pay scale as a non-certified bus mechanic, but he is state certified.”

During the December meeting, Mrs. Smith stated that it had been 81 days since Larry’s grievance had been filed, and asked for a decision to be made.  Jimmie Fryer also asked board members to put it on the agenda for the next meeting.

Other personnel actions from the January’s county Board of Education meeting include:

>>Kerri Taylor was hired as a Special Education Teacher, BIP Unit, at the Barbour County Intermediate School, effective Jan. 15.

>>Cornandis Artez Jones was hired as the Alternative School Suspension Manager for the Barbour County Schools, effective Jan. 15.

>>Sophia Ruffin was appointed as the interim Head Track Coach at the county high school, effective Jan. 15.

>>Brittany Cullins was appointed as the interim Assistant Track Coach for the county high school, effective Jan. 15.

>>Three year contracts were renewed for - Dr. Charlesetta Robinson as Principal of the Intermediate School, effective July 1, 2019; Mia Oliver as Principal of the high school, effective July 1, 2019.

>>After school tutorial program staff was approved during the January meeting. Staff memebers that were approved are: Bus Drivers – Tristen McKinnon, Garrett Maund, and Erica Johnson; Sub-Drivers – Larry Smith, Michael Glenn, and Annie Lampley; BCPS teachers – Marsha McClendon, Krystle Mathews, Laura Statton, Laura Haskins, and Vanity Smith; BCIS teachers – Mary Siler, Shirley Smith McLendon, Renee Senn, Selena Wood, Anna Key, and Sara Roberson; BCHS teachers – Kayla Crenshaw, Monquinta Harris, Genesia Harvey, Sophia Ruffin, David Knighten (Sub), and Aricia Williams (Sub).

Personnel actions from the December meetings were:

>>A transfer of John Jones from Facilities Maintenance Technician (hourly basis with no benefits) to a Custodian position (12 month) at the Barbour County Intermediate School, effective Dec. 18.

>>A transfer of Lakita Davis from Alternative School/ISS Manager to long term substitute/intern Special Education Teacher for the Intermediate School with a teacher’s salary effective Jan. 3

>>Hiring Genesia Harvey as a math teacher at Barbour County High School with a sign on bonus of $2,500, effective Dec. 18.

>>Retirement of Claudia Spencer as an auxiliary teacher at the Primary School, effective Dec. 6.

Personnel actions from the November meeting were:

>>Dr. Stephanie Flowers Alexander was hired as the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction on a nine month contract for the intermediate School effective Nov 29.

>>Garett Maund was hired as a bus driver for the county school system effective Nov. 18.

>>The resignation of Jack Wingard as a math teacher at the high school, effective Nov. 16, was approved by the board.

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