The possibility of classes at Admiral Moorer Middle School moving to a five-period day was met with some resistance Tuesday during a meeting of the Eufaula City Schools Board of Education, which happened to be held at AMMS with virtual capabilities.

Superintendent Joey Brannan and AMMS Principal Brandon Kiser presented the option to the board for classes to be about 74 minutes.

Science and Social Studies would be semester-long classes. Students could also waive a semester of physical education.

Pre-AP/Honor classes would be offered under the proposed plan for 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts and Math.

“We looked at the highest performing middle schools in Alabama,” Kiser said. “Science would be more in-depth with lab experiences. Social studies will have more projects, and we’ll offer advanced courses in math.”

Brannan noted that the school system needed to “find a way to get more reading and math time for the kids.”

Board President Richard Wingate said he would need to get “assurances” regarding the new plan, and board member Otis Hill said the board needed more time to “dissect this and get some answers.”

In other business:

Brannan said ECS was looking where internet was the weakest in Eufaula and possibly providing buses for those areas for summer school as virtual learning continues for many.

“We’ve talked with the Housing Authority and we may be able to offer it to quite a few at their places,” Brannan said.

Wingate was serving his final meeting as president. “Joey, you can take me off your dial,” he quipped.

Board member Dr. James Lockwood, who was just named to his new five-year term, was chosen as president of the board. Caty Richardson was chosen as vice president.

Board members voted to continue not receiving compensation for their duties.

Personnel Actions

Employment, Certified, effective 2020-2021 school year: Lydia Jackson, PreK Teacher, Early Learning Center; Shelby Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher, Eufaula Primary School; Pollyanna Germann, Counselor, Eufaula Primary School; Benjamin Pearson, PE Teacher, Eufaula Primary School; Sarah Kelley, Second Grade Teacher, Eufaula Primary School; Lee Calton Buntin, Math Teacher, Admiral Moorer Middle School; Chris Flores, Spanish Teacher, Eufaula High School.

Transfer, effective 2020-2021 school year: Leigh Parrish, Transfer from ELA Teacher, Seventh Grade, Admiral Moorer Middle School to ELA Teacher, Sixth Grade, Admiral Moorer Middle School.

Temporary/Part Time/Other: Jermaine Coleman, Summer School Site Administrator #21037, Eufaula Elementary School.

Due to Covid-19, 21st Century will be virtually, June 1 through July 2, Monday-Thursday; not to exceed 16 hours per week.

Carla Douglas, 21st Century Teacher ; Jessica Henderson, 21st Century Teacher ; Brandy Senn, 21st Century Teacher; Melody Smith, 21st Century Teacher; Tameka Wright, 21st Century Teacher; Regina Robinson, 21st Century Teacher.

Tenure as a Teacher (Certified): Taylor Crouch; Phil Anderson; Sanquetta Bronson; Miranda Hamm; Darian Eccles; Anna Wilkins; Suzanne Bangert.

Non-Probationary Status (Classified): Rashada Glover; Josue Machado; Amy Priest ; Lisa Beasley; Sabrina Brooks; Shirley Slater; Flora Malone; Lillian Hollins; Michelle Vickers; Donnie Cox; Jarvis Parks; Shelia Weaver.

Eligible for Science Teacher Bonus: Rebecca Dunn.

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