Eufaula High School

Michelle Teat’s Eufaula High School 11th grade Advanced Placement U.S. History and U.S. History II classes participated in a farming simulation. The simulation is designed help students understand the difficulties farmers faced during the 1880's that would cause them to form the Populist Party. Students took out a $2,000 loan from a bank to purchase crops and livestock for three years. After they had "planted" their crops and “fed” their livestock, they examined what market prices were for farmers for each year to determine if they made a profit or lost money. They also examined what happened those years that caused market prices to rise or fall (drought, extreme temperatures, over production, etc.). Prices were based on actual prices from the years 1885-1887. At the end of the three years, some groups had money left. However, they had forgotten they had borrowed $2,000 from the bank, and the bank was calling in their loan. Here, students Nathan Brooks, Darian Smith, Daandre’ Cromwell and Mason Bennett work on an issue.

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