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Mariunah Long

Name: Mariunah Long

School: Parkview Christian School

Age: 8

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Donna Swain

Favorite class: Spelling

Favorite sport: Football

Favorite food: Vegetable Soup

Favorite music: Gospel

What do you like to do when you’re not in school? “I like to practice my math multiplication times tables and work on division problems. I like math because it is fun.”

Who is your role model and why? “My big brother, Buster. When my mother had surgery, he made sure than everyone was taken care of.”

Future Career: “I want to be a veterinarian.”

Greatest Accomplishment: “Getting all A’s and no B’s on my report cards.”

Family: Parents, Mark and Gwen Long; sisters, Markyliah and Larica; brothers, Eddie and Deon (Buster).

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