Quitman County PBIS

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based framework used by Quitman County Schools to improve school culture and student behavior, promoting a safe environment for learning. The focus is on illuminating and reinforcing positive behaviors rather than giving attention to negative behaviors. The schools’ PBIS Expectations are meeting all responsibilities; offering respect; proceeding with focus, and exercising safety The PBIS Team hosted a school-wide kickoff celebration on Aug. 16, wherein teachers demonstrated inappropriate behaviors in the classroom, hallway, and cafeteria while students were portrayed showing the appropriate behaviors in each of those locations. Students will be celebrated bi-weekly as well as monthly for Stingers earned while engaging in appropriate behaviors. Teachers will also be rewarded for recognizing positive behaviors of students by awarding the required 100 Stingers per day. Eighty-Seven students received their first treat on Thursday, Aug. 28, during lunch for having at least 20 Stingers and 0 discipline referrals. Elementary school student point leaders are Elainea Ketchum and Sha’mya Oliver with 126 points. Miss Terica Hall, second grade teacher, has awarded 1,500 Stingers during the month of August. Middle School student point leaders are Kailyn Summers and Natalie Morgan with 90 points. Miss Dushonda Erkins, Middle School Social Studies Teacher awarded 1,290 points in August. High school student leaders are Gabriel Edwards with 69 points and Chryslynn Starling with 57 points. Miss Ashanti Smith, CTAE Teacher awarded 459 points in August.

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