Davis Wingate

Student of the Week

Name: David Wingate

School: Eufaula High School

Age: 17

Favorite Teacher: Ms. Teal

Favorite Class: Psychology

Favorite Activity: Football

Favorite Food: Chicken and rice

Favorite Music: Classic rock

What do you like to do when you’re not in school? “Hang out with friends, play golf and play Xbox.”

Who is your role model and why? “George Washington because he led an army of tradesmen and farmers against the greatest military at the time, Then, at the end of his second term as President, he declined the encouragement of his peers to run again. In his farewell address, he warned Americans of the political dangers that we must avoid to stay true to our values.”

Future Career: “Engineer.”

Greatest Accomplishment: “Being elected a senator at Boys’ State.”

Parents and Siblings: Richard and Erin Wingate; Annie (14) and Cooper (11).

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