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The Tiger Robotics Team: (from left) Wyit Sanders, Cody Tew, Abby Burton, Alec Money, Halle Poole, Mark Hawthorne, Luke Padgett, Andrea Tew, and Trey Brannan.

The Eufaula High School Robotics Team joined high schools from across the state to compete at a VEX Robotics Competition Saturday on Jan. 25.

The VEX on the Plains competition was held at Auburn University where the EHS Team, Tiger Robotics, competed with a modified-claw robot designed and built by the team seniors. The team driver, Trey Brannan, maneuvered the robot through both individual skill challenges and two-team vs. two-team competitions.

The VEX competition challenge changes each year, and the object of this year’s Tower Takeover challenge is for one two-team alliance to obtain a higher score than the opposing alliance by placing cubes in towers or scoring cubes in goals during two-minute matches.

Tiger Robotics ended the competition ranked eighth out of 21 teams. Trey Brannon competed in the Skills Driving Challenge for the first time and ranked 6th out of 13 teams.

Team Coach Andrea Tew hopes that Tiger Robotics can build at least one more competition robot.

“The team freshmen are currently designing and building a second robot, but we really need additional VEX components, which are expensive, to complete the robot,” Tew said.

Tiger Robotics will travel to Phenix City on Feb. 8 for its next VEX robotics competition.

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