For the 53rd year in a row, Eufaula will roll out the pink carpet for guests during the annual Pilgrimage Tour of Homes this weekend.

“We are excited to welcome guests this weekend to Eufaula,” said Eufaula Heritage Association Director Pam Snead. “Everybody in town has their hospitality hats on.”

Advanced ticket sales have far exceeded what the Eufaula Heritage Association typically sells thanks in large part to online sales. So far, they’ve sold approximately 2,500 advanced tickets to the Pilgrimage.

“We have sold more online tickets this year than we have every sold,” said Snead. “We have people coming from all over the United States.”

Tickets for the tour are $7 per house or $60 for the full house package. There are nine houses on the tour this year, including Shorter Mansion and Fendall Hall. Shorter Mansion will be on the Day Tour and the site for luncheons, brunches and teas throughout the weekend. Fendall Hall will be on both the Day Tour and Candlelight Tour. Also on the Day Tour are the Cato-Simpson Home, LeGrande-Carter-Bouchard Home, Copeland-Mottley Home, and the Thornton-Rudderman-Gulledge Home. Joining Fendall Hall on the Candlelight Tour will be Highland View Home, Sparks-Bennett Home and Kendall Manor.

There will also be various additional activities in town including the Art Show on North Randolph Street sponsored by the Eufaula Art Scene, a special photo exhibition, tours and wax museum at Carnegie Library, the Antique Show at The Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce, and much more.

Snead points out that Pilgrimage guests missed the flowers being in full bloom by about a week, but the many volunteers and coordinators for Pilgrimage weekend are more than ready to make up for it.

“The weather looks like it will be beautiful,” she said. “We want to welcome everyone to Eufaula. Of course this would not be possible without the many volunteers and city workers who have been working tirelessly to get everything organized and looking wonderful for our guests. They have all worked so hard and many are still working and will continue to work throughout Pilgrimage to make it a success.”

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