ehs cheer photo

Eufaula High School has four senior cheerleaders, known by Coach Meg Herring as her “Fab 4.” They have competed at the national level for the last three years and the squad’s success this year is because of them and their leadership, according to Herring. “They have been with me for every competition since we first started competing in 2017,” Herring said. “They know how it feels to be the little team that no one knew, who went to Orlando in 2018 and made a name for themselves by placing 6th in the nation, and they know how it feels to be the young team that went back for year two in 2019 and didn’t make the finals. I think the 2019 experience motivated them to be the leaders they have been this year.” The four are Tamara McCoy, Georgia Mock, Hana Priest, and Beth Weathers, and they have played a big part in the EHS team being the 2019-2020 South Super Regional 6A-7A Champions, as well as providing leadership to return this year to Orlando. “We are a young team with six freshmen, but we are a strong, determined team with a lot of heart,” Herring said. “We have worked for months for the chance to go back and do well. There is no ‘next time’ in cheer, so it all boils down to a three-minute routine that you either hit, or you don’t. We are ready to give it our all.”

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