Gala Gas Company

Gala Gas representatives: (front row, from left) Keith Murray, Sadie Neville, Ruth Shelley, Callie Kegley, (middle row) Art Neville, Chris Baker, (back row) Ed Balkcom and Joseph Hodges. Not pictured is Earl Robertson.

Since 1964, Gala Gas Company has provided southeast Alabama and Southwest Georgia with propane fuel and service. As a third-generation family owned business, Gala Gas has strived to provide its customers with stable, competitive fuel pricing, safe gas system installations, and access to the newest energy-efficient appliances. In addition to residential service, the company provides cylinder and RV refueling, commercial and agricultural services, and maintains a retail showroom where customers can purchase a great selection of consumer products.

Gala Gas got its start providing service to residential accounts. To be allowed into someone’s’ home is something they do not take lightly.

“Whether we’re designing a system for a new home, installing new equipment, making repairs to an existing system, or refilling a customer’s tank, we understand that a homeowner expects someone who is honest, professional, and treats them with respect,” Ed Balkcom said. “Letting someone into your home is a privilege, and I hope our customers experience a family atmosphere when they trade with us.”

Tankless water heaters have become more popular every year, and Gala Gas installs them every week. Other mainstays the company sells and installs are: space heaters, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, as well as grill outlets and stoves. In addition to residential services, the company serves dozens of poultry and other agricultural accounts as well as restaurant and municipal customers.

Located at 68 Old U.S. Highway 82W in Eufaula, the store location provides RV and cylinder customers with easy access to their filling station and friendly service at the counter. Callie Kegley, Sadie Neville, and Ruth Shelley provide customers with attentive service at the office. The field staff includes Chris Baker, Ed Balkcom, Joseph Hodges, Keith Murray, Art Neville, and Earl Robertson. All well-trained and experienced, these individuals provide the level of service on which Gala Gas customers rely.

Recently, the U.S. DOT has required that all portable cylinders older than 12 years be re-qualified or taken out of service, and this is a law that Gala Gas must follow. Customers should check the collar of their cylinder for the month and date of manufacture and be sure that the cylinder is in date to avoid an issue when they wish to have their cylinder filled. Customers with a question about their cylinder’s age can rely on Gala Gas to help them bring their cylinder into compliance or make available new cylinders for purchase.

With fall approaching, customers are encouraged to have their tanks filled and their heaters and fireplaces serviced to avoid delays when cold weather comes.

“Cold weather always puts a stretch on our people,” Balkcom said. “The earlier we know about a service need, the better we can take care of it. The best image I can think of is Highway 431 during the summer. It will hold a certain amount of cars, but when everyone wants to go to the beach for vacation, the traffic can back up.”

This is especially true for will-call customers; customers who elect to watch their own tank level and call when they want gas. To avoid potential delivery delays Balkcom recommends automatic-fill delivery.

“Letting us keep a tank full is the best option for the consumer and for us,” Balkcon said. “We can deliver the gas when it’s convenient for us and pass the savings on to the customer. August and September is also the time for summer tank fill specials. Customers should call the office for details about Summer Fill pricing.”

Whether you are building or remodeling a new home, building chicken houses, operating a fleet of light or medium duty vehicles or just want a fish cooker, Gala Gas is ready to assist you.

Store hours (beginning Oct. 1) are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Wednesday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Saturday 8 a.m.-noon. Customers can call the office at (334) 687-2603.

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