Barbour County Commission

By a vote of 4-3, Commissioner Earl Gilmore will remain Chairman of the Barbour County Commission for another year.

The positions of chairman and vice-chairman were elected during the Oct. 8 Barbour County Commission meeting that was held in Eufaula with two commissioners being nominated for each of the positions.

Gilmore was nominated for chairman by Commissioner Jerry McGilvray, while Commissioner Francis Crews was nominated by Commissioner Pat Ivey for the position. When it came time for a roll call vote of the commissioners to elect someone to the position, those voting for Gilmore included Rachel Smith, Frank Straughn, McGilvray, and Gilmore. Commissioners voting for Crews for Chairman included Ivey, Stan Adams and Crews.

Ivey and McGilvray both received nominations for the vice-chair position. Once again, a vote of 4-3 decided the position with McGilvray receiving the votes of Smith, Straughn, Gilmore, and himself. Ivey received votes from Crews, Adams and herself.

Walter Calton received a unanimous vote from commissioners to remain as the county attorney.

Following the election of the chairman and vice-chairman positions, Adams gave charge to both Gilmore and McGilvray to step up the way the commission has been handling the county’s business.

“I want to put a charge to you; I want you to handle business and conduct business at a different level,” Adams said to Gilmore. “It’s not our attorney’s job to keep you in line and to keep you in order. We want him to move away from you, he’s not to sit there and keep you in line. We have got to take this commission in this county to a new level. I’ve seen the way we have handled business over the past year, and in my book it’s totally unacceptable. We table stuff. We are elected by the public, by the body of this county to handle business. No more tabling stuff and putting it off.”

Adams spoke of a store owner that appeared in front of the commission two months ago in the August meeting that was held in Eufaula to ask for the right to sell beer on Sunday. During that meeting, the issue was tabled so the county attorney could find out what the state law was and what right the commission had in granting the store owner permission for Sunday alcohol sales. “This guy has lost two months of sales in this alcohol situation,” Adams said.

“That’s not what we are voted in for -- to put business off. We need to make a vote and move forward. We have got to start handling business in this county and get this county up to a level where we need to be.”

Adams said that if someone brings something to the table, the commission should say yes or no and it’s over with, “Don’t put off and put off,” he said.

Adams suggested that McGilvray move to the chair next to Gilmore so he could be trained and can learn how to conduct the meetings in case Gilmore should have to miss a meeting. “That way, you can take over and go,” Adams said. “We’ve got to move forward.”

McGilvray replied, “We are preaching from the same page. I will say, I don’t’ know, what I don’t know and if I am going to learn, I might as well learn from him (Gilmore).”

The positions of chairman, vice-chairman, and county attorney are elected each year after the new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.

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