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Medical Industries of the Americas is planning on manufacturing gloves as well as other items for both medical and non-medical industries.

It has been a while since big plans were expressed on the re-opening of the former Ameritex plant in Eufaula, but Medical Industries of the Americas is showing signs of finally delivering on its promise of getting gloves and other items rolling off its manufacturing operation very soon.

“We’re excited,” CEO David Silver said from California. “Promises made, promises kept.”

The plant, formally a condom factory, has been prepped and is in pre-production stages. As many as five tractor-trailer rigs are en route from Connecticut to Eufaula and should be in Alabama shortly, perhaps even before the weekend is over.

According to Chief Operating Officer Bill Fylstra, the initial focus of the plant will be on light powdered latex gloves for the non-medical industry. Concurrent to that effort will be the development of a powder-free process for latex gloves as well as the development of a latex-free (Nitrile) production capability for the medical market.

The gloves will be non-allergenic. The plant has the capacity to produce 100 million gloves annually.

There are already orders awaiting the plant’s production.

The trucks will also be moving equipment from a Connecticut operation that will manufacture hot and cold packs, surgical pens and disposable scalpels, among other items.

“We want to make Eufaula and the region a big player in global manufacturing,” Silver said. “This will bring wealth to Eufaula, Barbour County, and all over Alabama. This will represent millions of dollars for the area. This is really going to help the economy in Alabama and the U. S. The key to manufacturing has to be rural. It’s a win-win situation. We want to build a global manufacturing company in Eufaula. We had the largest therapeutic thermal plant in the United States and now we’re moving it. It has taking us a little time with COVID and everything, but with all things considered…”

Medical Industries of the Americas will be hiring “very soon” according to Silver.

“People are working there now to get things ready,” Silver said. “Bill has done all of the hard work. We are trying to build a mini Johnson & Johnson. It’s a great location. The property is fantastic. I’m a big proponent of rural development with good paying jobs. We will make a product that can sell all over the world.”

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