Grand Jury findings

The Grand Jury report from the panel gathered at the Barbour County Courthouse in Clayton for the summer session was released recently from the county court system.

During their sitting, the Grand Jury examined 26 presentments and handed down 23 indictments on the cases. One case that was presented was No Billed, and two other cases were continued. No investigations were presented the Grand Jury.

Inspection of the Barbour County Jail was said to be found very clean and orderly. The reports stated, “The jail is much cleaner than in the past and the staff is very friendly. The sheriff should be commended for the changes he has made in the jail and the Sheriff’s office.”

Offices at the courthouse in Clayton were also inspected by the Grand Jury during the time they served. According to the report, all the offices and public areas were found to be clean and orderly. Problems that were reported included: In the Probate Office, the carpet should be replaced, the wiring on the floor should be contained, and the power outlet in the middle of the floor should be moved to another location due to it being a trip hazard. In the Judge’s and office manager’s office, a desk is blocking the doorway and could be a fire hazard.

On the third floor, items found during the Grand Jury inspection were: one of the restrooms was out of order and should be repaired immediately; all of the restrooms on the third floor need cleaning; it was recommended that signs be installed indicating where the restrooms are located; the elevator was hot and should be inspected for air circulation – it also has a strong odor and should be cleaned; the basement is locked from the elevator entrance and the basement has a strong odor; the water fountains should be checked for water safety and cleaned daily.

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