L.C. Green

L.C. Green (second from right) announced his candidacy for mayor of Eufaula on Wednesday in front of the entrance to city hall.

L.C. Green said he has “a lot of hurdles to overcome” and therefore announced his candidacy Wednesday for Eufaula mayor more than a year in advance of the next election for the post – September 2020.

Thus far, Green has no opposition in challenging incumbent Eufaula Mayor Jack Tibbs, who is serving his second four-year-term through 2020.

“I really think I can make a difference in Eufaula based on my life experiences,” Green said to a handful of supporters in front of the entrance to Eufaula City Hall. “I want to make it better than it’s ever been.

“The city is divided. There is a lot of favoritism going on. A lot of times it takes a tragedy to bring people together. I want people to come together before a tragedy hits.”

Green is a local pastor originally from Louisiana.

“There are a lot of things I want to address.” Green said. “If you really wanna know who I am, you can ask me. Nobody in this world knows me better than me.”

Green said he knows a lot of mayors and would pull from their knowledge. He also said he has the ability to talk to anyone.

“The biggest thing this country has stopped doing is talking,” Green said. “There are people in this town that don’t know where city hall is. I will open it to everybody.”

Green said he would invite anyone that wants to take part in his campaign.

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