Proper flag display

The Eufaula Police Department properly displays the U.S. flag to the left of Alabama’s state flag.

As the Fourth of July approaches, some citizens want to make sure flag etiquette is as loud and clear as many of the fireworks that’ll be on display.

Some entities, it seems, display the U.S. flag improperly. It should always be displayed to the left side of a main entry way with the blue field of stars on the flag in the upper-left corner. If a state flag is flown with the U.S. flag, it should be to the right, as well as any other pennants. They should also be approximately the same size.

The U.S. flag should also be the first one hoisted and the last to be lowered.

As for a one-pole situation, the U.S. flag should always be on top.

When a flag is displayed vertically, the blue field of stars should face to the left to those looking northward or to those facing eastward.

The U.S. flag should be flown at half-staff on May 15 (Peace Officers Memorial Day), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), July 27 (Korean War Veterans Armistice Day), Sept. 11 (Patriot Day), and Dec. 7 (Pearl Harbor Day).

Traditionally, flags are supposed to only be publically displayed from sunrise to sunset, but if they are to be displayed at night they should be illuminated. The flag should not be subject to weather damage and should be brought inside during rain, snow and wind storms unless it is an all-weather flag.

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